Space experiments



Determine the effects of spaceflight on gene expression by studying Rotifer A. vaga organisms in microgravity



Understanding of the role muscle environment plays in muscle loss in microgravity and ageing subjects


Worms in Space: Molecular Muscle 2

Incubate C. elegans larvae in microgravity to determine the molecular causes of muscle abnormalities during spaceflight



Finding out the resilience of different species of seeds to the harsh conditions of space to support future human space exploration



A COTS-based camera system integrated with a multi-well bioreactor within a 1U space-grade standard container


Phase A/B studies




Study how microbes respond to microgravity using ‘magnetotactic’ bacteria



Motile and non-motile strains of Escherichia coli in space to study differences in their growth and biochemistry



Study the aggregation of ice particles in microgravity to understand the earliest stages of icy planetesimal formation


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