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Kayser Space Ltd is an SME primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of hardware supporting scientific and technological research in space, its full certification to the space standards and the support to mission planning and operations.


Space does not seem too far to reach, but to get there and demonstrate a scientific hypothesis with a piece of equipment, you need specialist competencies and know-how, and that is exactly what we have to offer. Our staff is able to incubate ideas, propose opportunities, assess the feasibility of scientific investigations and deliver space-worthy technological solutions to implement them.

We can support mission definition, including the platform and the hardware that can better demonstrate an idea. We have detailed design, manufacturing and integration, and testing capabilities, or we can support customers in their own endeavours. We have extensive and detailed knowledge of the requirements and specifications for the safe and successful integration of a payload on board the International Space Station (ISS). We can prepare and supply hardware interface plans, environmental and safety verifications, and get the necessary clearance and training for upload and astronaut operations on board the ISS.

Through years of experience directly involved in crew activities, we know how to steer the hardware design to achieve safe and efficient crew operations.

All our services are affordable and can be provided to institutional and private partners step-by-step. The flexibility of our approach allows us to easily adapt to the customer needs in the most efficient way.


“Space just provides this unique environment: weightlessness. You just happen to find out things that happen in space that you did not know about and that’s even more exciting because it opens up new questions and new possibilities of discovery”. This was said by ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti after handling a Kayser built experiment on board the International Space Station. This experiment was looking into how genetic and molecular mechanisms weaken the immune system, which occurs both in elderly people and astronauts.

Many questions can be studied in an accelerated way on a wide range of physical, chemical, physiological and biological processes, by observing their response to certain conditions and mechanisms in weightlessness. Answering these questions can help the advancement of science for the benefit of mankind. All this can happen if you orbit around the Earth not too far from us, just 300 Km up.


Kayser Space Ltd was incorporated in September 2015. It is fully owned by Kayser Italia S.r.l.

In 2024 Kayser Space has a team of two Programme Managers and three Project Engineers.

Both Programme Managers have more than 25 years of experience in the space industry and collaboration with the European Space Agency, NASA, other National Space Agencies and European research institutions. Their experience ranges from project management, to payload safety and product assurance, space systems design, qualification and certification, systems engineering, human factors, manned flight operations and mission support.

The Project Engineers hold competencies in mechanical, structural, electronic and software design and development, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, integration and verification. They have participated in space mission operations and have experience of payload preparation, test and integration up to hand over to the launch authorities.

The company is located in the Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, an international environment where entrepreneurs and top-level researchers and specialists in different scientific and technical disciplines work in state-of-the-art facilities to deliver outstanding space, health and energy programmes. The company has easy access to top class integration and test facilities, including clean rooms, climatic chambers, vibration test equipment, anechoic chambers and biological integration benches.

We are affiliated to UKspace, the UK space trade association which represents the UK space industry to government and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally.

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